Mountain is a passion. It allows to surpass ourself, to meet people of exceptions, to find ourself  also, in landscapes and outstanding conditions. Mountain, and not us, decides what can be made at the end, whatever can be the preparation. The mountain is also a lesson of humility.

I am married and I have 4 children. I am free of the usual constraints to assure my subsistence and that of my family. Thanks to this condition, I can dedicate myself partially to the learning of the mountain, to go always farther or higher or harder while trying to return alive!

I am allowed dream that the process is endless and my dreams are filled with these moments which I am going to try to describe here.



A blog to capitalize and share two rare commodities: the emotion and the experience.

A blog to arouse feelings:

Through a photo are fleetings and unique feelings. The visitor will not find himself there directly but I hope that articles can arouse, in him, the desire to build projects, projects leading at his own unforgettable moments.

A blog to share the experiences:

I think that a journey, to become a success, has to be prepared as much as it has to be lived then as to be described in a logbook. Each of these three stages possesses by itself its own essence and pleasure.

The extensive preparation is necessary to know what we want and can live beyond the simple dream of an exotic destination.

The description allows to structure and to memorize the key points of the journey. It is a necessity to progress,and widen fields of Adventure.

Every article is thus the opportunity to tell my experiences, in return of what was given to me in the forums, during the meetings and in the other sites at the time of the preparation: share my experience and my feelings, those who are not described in guides.

And find material for the future journeys…